Image is everything

You may have a great platform for your website, but if your images take too long to load or don’t appear clear on any device then you have a problem.

Before you choose your images you need to determine who your customers are.  This can be done by using surveys, software and analytics.


One of the best ways to test your market is to conduct surveys as to who your customers actually are.  To take their temperature as it were, you not only need a reliable database of customers (asks us about a CRM).  But you also need a test market who will respond to your questions in an honest and upfront manner.  Being careful not to send too many, we suggest adding things like product reviews, email surveys or even contests and surveys within your website that will help to engage and capture data that is useful for furture marketing.


Using software to capture data is a useful marketing tool that will help you as a business to not only custom tailor your marketing but also to choose content like images that appeals to your customer.  For instance, if your a holiday letting company with the majority of customers who are retired, you may prefer to use images that represent that demographic.   However,  first you need to determine if your customer prefers websites that have neutral travel based images or images that appeal emotionally.   The other thing to consider is are you selling the area, the cottage or the experience.     Using software like: Crazy Egg with help you look at various aspects of your customer journey through your exsiting website, allowing you to make informed decisions about image.


Google makes it easy for business to learn about their customers with Google Analytics.   By looking at the analytics of your website, you can also choose images that are more likely to appeal to your customer demographic.  Google Analytics allows you to view where your customers live, what type of software they use to browse the internet, what type of device they use, which pages they visit and how often they visit each page, and best of all how many visits result in contact with you the business owner.

Obviously there is far more involved with the three items we have listed above, and many more ways in which it can be applied.  But it is a great intrduction to help you select your images wisely.

Within the Google Business consol you can also set up numerous tools to help you tweek, monitor and grow your website.  Read more about this here


Remember  that in sales first impressions count.  The aged old saying that you only have 60 seconds to make a lasting impression could never be more true when it comes to websites.  In a digital age of mobile phones, tablets and rapid yet knowledgeable consumers, your website is one of the best marketing investments you could make.




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