Sophia the Robot

With a basic understanding of code and how batches of programming can call actions to appear within a website and a knoweledge that all data is in fact networked and recorded.  It is somewhat of a natural digital evolution to have AI as impressive as Sophia. 

In fact, it seems that while we live in a world of digital communications it is surprising how the majority of the population remains unaware of the actual process that is involved behind the devices they now carry.

When you realise that all digital data is captured and leaves a footprint on the world wide web (yes even if you dont complete that shopping cart purchase), or navigate away from a page.  It would seem we live in a digital world that is capturing the human psych on a massive scale that was never before accessable.

The consumer trust that exists in Social Media, Computers (because of course you have an antivirus) and digital technology seems to be at an all time high.   We happily enter our banking details, contact information, link ourselves to every contact we have ever known and more.


True Artificial Intelligence, involves a program evolving and coding itself and creating new data that was not previously available.

If you think of Sophia as a computer program (because thats what it is) then understand that this program has been written to access data from the world wide web.

Its language capability is similiar to Googles Siri.

Lets for now concentrate on the programming and language capability.   We are told online by Sophia makers, that the robot/program is designed to retrieve information from code they have imputed as well as from its access to the world wide web.  We are also told that some of their other devices like Einstein the affordable knoweldgebase toy available for approx £100, also learns… most importantly it is linked. (Like a network).

If you can still follow my logic, Sophia the robot is an impressive bit of code that involves linking data to the web, networking other programs (Einstein) and presenting itself in a carefully packaged unassuming female form.

Is Sophia true AI?

What is artificial intelligence?  Wikipedia says:

Artificial intelligence is intelligence displayed by machines, in contrast with the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals.

Does Sophia display natural intelligence?

Although I am no expert, true AI would mean the Robot would need to create someting out of nothing.   If the program is relying on data to be imputed (whether through conversation or manual programming) and if the data is retreived  by information that already exists (ie. the www).  How can we say this is true AI?

However, if you compare AI to the learning in humans.  We require “data”  to learn ourselves.  We learn by watching, doing, being taught, research etc.   Since programs like Sophia can learn this data quicker  the ability for her intelligence could in fact superseed that of humans.

I will personally watch this topic with interest.




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